Our Story

Sourcing Bread

Did you know 44% of all bread produced ends up being wasted? We’re on a mission to change that.

We source fresh, surplus bread that would otherwise be wasted. We give new life to artisan breads that are unsold by bakeries at the end of the day. We find a loving home for crust ends of loaves that are automatically discarded by sandwich manufacturers.

Brewing Beer

We brew with master brewers – currently Hambleton Ales in Yorkshire. Our special recipe combines  bread with malted barley (pale malt, CaraMalt, and Munich Malt), hops (Hallertau, Centennial, Cascade, Bramling Cross), yeast and water.

Fancy trying your own brew?  We’ve published our recipe here and would love to collaborate with more breweries.

Profit to Charity

Tackling food waste is a massive and immediate opportunity to reduce our environmental impact and improve the social value of our food system. All profits go to Feedback, an environmental organisation that campaigns to end food waste at every level of the food system. We hope they will ultimately put us out of business by eliminating bread waste.

We’re on a mission to prove that the alternative to waste is delicious!