“Crust Academy”, a 5.5% New England IPA brewed with 27kg surplus bread from Blackbird Bakery and Ekuanot, Mosaic, Galaxy and Simcoe hops.
Charity beneficiary: Feedback

Brewed Aug 18

“Melba”, a 4.4% Organic Pale Ale with 150kg surplus bread from Hobbs House Bakery, Simcoe, Chinook and Mandarina Bavaria hops and Lallemand’s New England yeast.
Soft malt flavour and a stone fruit aroma, with a balanced bitterness with a crisp, juicy finish.
Charity Beneficiary: Stroud District Food Bank.

First brewed Jul 18 (+ 3 further brews)

Aran”, a 4.9% Soda Bread Red Ale, brewed with 150kg of surplus bread from Adelie Foods.
Full-bodied, soft and creamy.
Charity beneficiary: Dacorum Food Bank

Brewed Sep 2018

“Wasted”, a 5% Golden Pale Ale, using 280kg surplus bread from Adelie Foods.
A perfect summer pale ale crammed full with citra and dry hopped with a lemon drop finish.
Charity beneficiary: The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham.

First brewed in Jul 18 (now on 10th brew)

“8 Days”, a 6% Rye IPA brewed with 110kg of surplus bread from Adelie, Lawlor’s and Burger’s Artisan.
Charity beneficiary: Oxford Food Bank.

Brewed Mar 19

“Flour Power”, a 4.1% Organic Pale Ale brewed with 150kg surplus bread from Hobbs House Bakery.
Charity beneficiary: Friends of the Earth

Brewed Mar 19

“Samsara”, a 0.5% Low Alcohol Pale Ale brewed with 900g of surplus bread from Celtic Bakery and Citra hops.
Charity beneficiary: Feedback

Brewed Dec 18

“Bread Pudding” a 6.9% Amber Ale brewed with surplus bread from Hobbs House Bakery and Loral, Mosaic, Simcoe and Palisade hops.

Brewed Mar 19

“Toasted” a 4.2% Porter brewed with 65kg of surplus bread from The Flour Station.
Smooth chocolate and silky vanilla; a full bodied dark ale.
Charity beneficiary: Feedback

Brewed Nov 18

Collaboration with Ægisgarður brewery in Reykjavik, Iceland (since Nov 2017).  Proceeds to the charity Vakandi.


Wasted Pear Farmhouse Ale is a UK collaboration between The Real Junk Food Project and Northern Monk Brew Co (launched June 2016).

Loaf is a US collaboration between 412 Food Rescue, East End Brewing and Five Points Artisan Bakeshop (launched October 2016).

Hardtack is a Blonde Beer by Jaw Brew and Aulds bakery. The project was set up by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and Zero Waste Scotland (launched March 2017).

Ruggernaut is a rye bread based ale brewed by Brooklyn Brewery for The Great Northern Food Hall (launched March 2017).

Bread Beer is brewed by Damn Good Food & Beverages AG in Switzerland (launched April 2017).

Crumbs Brewing is a small UK brewery based in Reigate (launched May 2017).

Rescue Brew is a peach Sour Ale. It’s a collaboration between Plate of the Union, Atlas Brew Works and MOM’s Organic Market (launched May 2017).

Instock is a brewery in the Netherlands brewing a bread beer called Bammetjes Bier (launched June 2017).

Barrel Thief is a barrel-aged beer born out of a collab between New Lion Brewery and Almond Thief Bakery in Dartington, UK (launched June 2017).

Bread Banger is a Pale Ale by Weird Beard Brew Co made with loaves donated by The Felix Project (launched August 2017).

Bagel Beer is a partnership between New York Bakery Co and Canopy Beer Co. (limited edition launched February 2018).

Used Your Loaf is a range of three beers born out of a collaboration between Adnams brewery and M&S’s sandwich manufacturer Greencore. (launched May 2018).

Bread Board is a collaboration between the UK supermarket Iceland and brewery Tiny Rebel (launched July 2018).

Been a slice is a Canadian collaboration bringing together lots of organisations to tackle bread waste (launched September 2018).

Leaven Life is a collaboration that connects Ermanos Beer & Wine Bar, Barrio Bread and 1912 Brewing Company (launched October 2018).

Our Daily Bread is a one-off collaboration between the food recovery program Food Connect and Mt. Begbie Brewery (launched October 2018).

Thoroughbread is a 5.1% ale by Bute Brew Co, funded with support from Zero Waste Scotland (launched October 2018).

FREE BEER is a range of beers, some of which are brewed with surplus bread, for The Atlantic Project, by the social enterprise co-operative Billy Ruffian’s Brewing Co (launched October 2018).

BRØL is a Danish nano-brewery with a 4.7% Pale Ale (launched November 2018)

Rye Cycled is a community project by Refresh Cowican, working with by Small Block Brewery (launched November 2018)

Daily Bread is a Pale Ale by Henderson Brewing Company, using bread from The Drake Commissary to support The Daily Bread Food Bank in Ontario, Canada (launched November 2018)

Ajb-Anglo Japanese Brewing Company and the restaurant L’effervesence launched a beer brewed with local bread surplus in Nozawa Onsen City, Japan (launched December 2018)

Pretzel Queen is a collab between Branch & Bone Artisan Ales and Smales Pretzel Bakery in Dayton, Ohio (launched December 2018)

C R U S T Brewing is a new brewery soon to open in Singapore. Inspired by our work, they’re fully committed to the Rev-Ale-ution through brewing with surplus bread (launching soon)

The Hangry Ducks are another surplus bread beer initiative declaring war on Bread Waste

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