Brewing a better planet


By drinking Toast, you’ve helped to prevent 1 million slices of bread from being wasted. Stack that up and it's 1.5 times the height of Everest!

Want the detail? We’ve brewed with 1,023,373 slices: 833,637 in the UK, 131,501 in the US and 58,235 with global partners. Each slice is 12.7mm thick, so our bread mountain rises to 12,997 m. And Everest is only 8,848 m.

We've rescued 1 million slices


By using less barley and preventing bread from going to landfill, we’ve avoided emissions of 32.1tCO2e. That's equivalent to flying around the world 9.2 times.

Want the detail? Growing, malting and transporting barley uses chemicals and fuel for energy, which release greenhouse gases. Bread left to rot in landfill emits methane. We've avoided 7.3tCO2e from the barley never grown and 24.8tCO2e from the bread diverted from landfill.

We've tackled climate change


By supplementing barley with bread, we've freed up the land and water otherwise used to grow 30 tonnes of barley. That would have needed 7 football pitches of land and 228,768 pints of water to grow. The land can instead be used to grow food or return to nature.

Want the detail? We’ve brewed with 39,269 kg of bread, replacing 29,750kg of barley. As barley requires land and water to grow, we’ve saved 8.89 hectares of land and 130m3 of water.

We’ve reclaimed land and water


By buying our beer, you’ve helped us donate £25,000 to food charities that are changing the wasteful way we produce our food and feed people.

Want the detail? We donated £22,082.62 to Feedback, our main charity partner. Feedback has a pretty epic vision: a world where nutritious, delicious food is available for everyone and human activities replenish rather than degrade the environment. Other charity beneficiaries include The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham (UK), Stroud Foodbank (UK), Gastromotiva (Brazil) and the Alameda County Community Food Bank (California).

We’ve funded food charities


We're building a community of people using the power of beer to change the world. Every mention, recommendation, experience you share has a ripple effect, inspiring others to join the revALEution. Our open source homebrew recipe has been accessed 44,655 times, we’ve directly collaborated with 20 breweries and we've inspired at least 23 more to brew with surplus bread.

We're building a movement

1m slices – IG Story

We're proud to have hit our first major milestone, thanks to every single person who has ever raised a Toast. We have a bold new ambition to brew with 1 billion slices. Join us! #RaiseAToast

We're brewing a better planet