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Launched in London in January 2016. Brewing with Wold Top Brewery. Surplus bread from Adelie. Proceeds to Feedback.

Launched in Ireland in 2019. Brewing with Rascals brewery. Surplus bread from Brennan’s. Charity beneficiary TBC.

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Launched in New York, USA in July 2017. Brewing with Captain Lawrence. Organic surplus bread from Bread Ahead. Proceeds to Feedback.

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Launched in Rio, Brazil in October 2017. Brewing with Green Lab Brewery. Local surplus bread. Proceeds go to Gastromotiva.

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Launched in Reykjavik, Iceland in November 2017. Brewing with Ægisgarður brewery. Surplus Icelandic bread. Proceeds to Vakandi.

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Launched in Cape Town, South Africa in November 2017. Brewing with Devil’s Peak. Proceeds to Soil For Life.


Wasted Pear Farmhouse Ale is a UK collaboration between The Real Junk Food Project and Northern Monk Brew Co (launched June 2016).

Loaf is a US collaboration between 412 Food Rescue, East End Brewing and Five Points Artisan Bakeshop (launched October 2016).

Hardtack is a Blonde Beer by Jaw Brew and Aulds bakery. The project was set up by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and Zero Waste Scotland (launched March 2017).

Ruggernaut is a rye bread based ale brewed by Brooklyn Brewery for The Great Northern Food Hall (launched March 2017).

Bread Beer is brewed by Damn Good Food & Beverages AG in Switzerland (launched April 2017).

Crumbs Brewing is a small UK brewery based in Reigate (launched May 2017).

Rescue Brew is a peach Sour Ale. It’s a collaboration between Plate of the Union, Atlas Brew Works and MOM’s Organic Market (launched May 2017).

Instock is a brewery in the Netherlands brewing a bread beer called Bammetjes Bier (launched June 2017).

Barrel Thief is a barrel-aged beer born out of a collab between New Lion Brewery and Almond Thief Bakery in Dartington, UK (launched June 2017).

Bread Banger is a Pale Ale by Weird Beard Brew Co made with loaves donated by The Felix Project (launched August 2017).

Bagel Beer is a partnership between New York Bakery Co and Canopy Beer Co. (limited edition launched February 2018).

Used Your Loaf is a range of three beers born out of a collaboration between Adnams brewery and M&S’s sandwich manufacturer Greencore. (launched May 2018).

Bread Board is a collaboration between the UK supermarket Iceland and brewery Tiny Rebel (launched July 2018).

Been a slice is a Canadian collaboration bringing together lots of organisations to tackle bread waste (launched September 2018).

Leaven Life is a collaboration that connects Ermanos Beer & Wine Bar, Barrio Bread and 1912 Brewing Company (launched October 2018).

Our Daily Bread is a one-off collaboration between the food recovery program Food Connect and Mt. Begbie Brewery (launched October 2018).

Thoroughbread is a 5.1% ale by Bute Brew Co, funded with support from Zero Waste Scotland (launched October 2018).

FREE BEER is a range of beers, some of which are brewed with surplus bread, for The Atlantic Project, by the social enterprise co-operative Billy Ruffian’s Brewing Co (launched October 2018).

BRØL is a Danish nano-brewery with a 4.7% Pale Ale (launched November 2018)

Rye Cycled is a community project by Refresh Cowican, working with by Small Block Brewery (launched November 2018)

Daily Bread is a Pale Ale by Henderson Brewing Company, using bread from The Drake Commissary to support The Daily Bread Food Bank in Ontario, Canada (launched November 2018)

Ajb-Anglo Japanese Brewing Company and the restaurant L’effervesence launched a beer brewed with local bread surplus in Nozawa Onsen City, Japan (launched December 2018)

Pretzel Queen is a collab between Branch & Bone Artisan Ales and Smales Pretzel Bakery in Dayton, Ohio (launched December 2018)

C R U S T Brewing is a new brewery soon to open in Singapore. Inspired by our work, they’re fully committed to the Rev-Ale-ution through brewing with surplus bread (launching soon)

The Hangry Ducks are another surplus bread beer initiative declaring war on Bread Waste (launching soon)