Feedback is an environmental organisation that campaigns to end food waste throughout the food system. They conduct research into the causes of food waste, particularly in supply chains and lead campaigns to change society’s attitude toward wasting food and to address the systemic causes of food waste.


Feeding the 5000 is a public feast that draws attention to the amount of edible food discarded. If you’d like to organize one of these celebratory events, they’ve published their toolkit online here.


The Gleaning Network co-ordinates teams of volunteers, farmers and food redistribution charities to salvage the thousands of tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables that are wasted on farms every year across the UK and Europe, and direct this fresh, nutritious food to people in need. If you’d like to volunteer, sign up here.


The Pig Idea seeks to lift the EU ban on feeding catering waste to pigs, and encourages food surplus to be fed to animals rather than crops that people could eat. Bread and spent brewers grains can be fed to pigs so if you’re a baker or a brewer, contact a feed producer or your local farmer.


Feedback relies on funding from incredible donors as they don’t accept corporate sponsorship to maintain independence. If you’d like to make a contribution directly, you can donate here.