It’s a rev-ALE-ution

There’s so much bread wasted that we can’t possibly solve the problem alone. We’re inspiring a rev-ale-ution, with an increasing number of brewers taking up the challenge to brew with surplus bread. Check out these bread-based brews…


Wasted Pear Farmhouse Ale is a UK collaboration between The Real Junk Food Project and Northern Monk Brew Co (launched June 2016)

Loaf is a US collaboration between 412 Food Rescue, East End Brewing and Five Points Artisan Bakeshop (launched October 2016)

Crumbs Brewing is a small UK brewery based in Reigate (launched May 2017)

Instock is a brewery in the Netherlands brewing a bread beer called Bammetjes Bier (launched June 2017).

Barrel Thief is a barrel-aged beer born out of a collab between New Lion Brewery and Almond Thief Bakery in Dartington, UK (launched June 2017)


Let us know if you’re joining the rev-ALE-ution and we’ll add you to our wall of fame. If you’d like to collaborate with us directly, get in touch so we can work together to support Feedback to tackle food waste at its root cause.

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