ThundaFund Contributors

A special thanks to the following contributors


Jane Battersby, Zetta, Richard Van Wyk,Curtis Murray, Gustav Wingard,Simon,Prudence Buxton,Tom Riley,Andrew Bradley,
Eric Van Der Sande,Shimaylan Singh,Gillian Couperthwaite,Mark Frankel,
Lorin Zealand,Matthew Ross,Ben Goble,Gunnebo Industries,Kate Stewart,
Lauren Garcia,Annely Vihmann,Gert Bester,Dave Starley,Markus Granlund,
Jason Limberis,Caylee Cook,Marius,Mahesh Naidoo,Pauline Nel,Nadia Gava,
Corrie Lamont,Abhik Mukherjee,Jonathan Halliday,Madeli Du Toit,
Werner Riekert,Lisa Cloete,Caitlin Snethlage,Ronan O’Rahilly,Andy ,
Prudence Buxton,Dominic Bodenstein,Pat,Markus Burgener,Brendon Pearce,
Loren Hansen + Dutch Schophaus,Debbie Greve,Martin Steyn,Mark Victor,
Carren Marchant,Aran,JB,Shan Ireton,Karen Bunting,Rob Heyns,
Mieke Pretorius ,JB,Roly The Beer Geek,George Robinson,Pieter Boerssen,
Sven Oberg,Dominic Bodenstein,Werner Brink,Michelle Stevens,
JB,Tracy Angus-Hammond ,Ben Lindow,Arno Matthee,Jussi Oikarinen,
Mike Halls,Wihann Jacobs,Talia Lifson



Our partners are helping us slice bread waste & reduce hunger in South Africa, and firmly believe in the Toast Ale mission.


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