Surplus Story

Toast Ale is on a mission to prove that the alternative to food waste is delicious and draft sized. Toast Ale is an awesome, award winning craft beer brand, brewing with fresh surplus bread that would otherwise go stale, waiting for charities who are just too busy to collect it, and be thrown away. Did you know 44% of the bread produced in the UK is never consumed? And in South Africa, besides the 32% of food produced that doesn’t even find it’s way to customers, there are over 13 million people who go hungry every day.

Our mission is to change that. We source surplus loaves from Knead Bakery & Sandwich Baron and the heel ends of loaves not used by sandwich makers. We follow food safety protocol, ensuring all bread is kept in sealed between the source and the brewery. We contract brew with Devils Peak Brewery (click to open Devils Peak website), an award winning brewery, leveraging their expertise to create truly delicious beer. We are also keen to collaborate with South African Microbreweries to create exciting new beers with local surplus bread.

There’s a slice of surplus bread in every bottle and our ambition is to save more than 10 tons within 3 years. 100% of our profits go to our partner charity Soil for Life, who empower unemployed South Africans to grow their own food, making Toast the best thing since… well, you know.