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Enjoy this limited-edition collection of 26 collaboration beers, all brewed with surplus bread.

Now discounted by 70% as some of the beers are past the best before date listed below (but still delicious). 

The box also includes a limited-edition pint glass and treats from Cheeky Panda, Divine Chocolate, Emily Snacks, Liberation Nuts, Teapigs and Traidcraft.

The Beers (all suitable for vegans)

Please note that as of 30 June we have replaced the unfiltered Tooth & Claw Raspberry & Cranberry Kvass as the yeast was a little too lively. Instead we've popped in a lucky dip option from either Better world Brewery, Fyne Ales, Meantime, Northern Monk, Sambrooks, Stroud Brewery or Unity Brewing Co. So you'll have a double of one of these beers to share with one of your Companions.

Adnams "Turning Tide" - Raspberry Scotch Ale 330ml, 4.1%
The surplus bread, malted barley and oats give Turning Tide caramelised, sweet, bready characteristics. This is balanced by the contrasting acidity of the raspberries and hints of hedgerow fruit and citrus flavours from the addition of Endeavour and Bramling Cross hops. BB 30/09/2022

Beavertown "Burnt" - Hoppy Porter 330ml, 4.5%
A roasty, caramely Hoppy Porter with hints of Blackcurrant, citrus and cedar wood, brewed with our friends at Toast Ale, using a blend of wasted bread to highlight the impact of food waste on the planet. BB 27/06/2022

Bedlam Brewery "Sussex Smokie" - Smoked Porter 440ml, 5.0%
Using excess breadcrumb provided by Toast, we added specialist Beech smoked Malt for extra depth and complexity. This dark classic gives roasted/Toast'ed chocolate and smokie coffee flavours with big, rish aromas. BB 04/06/2022

Better World Brewery "Puffin Can" - Kveik IPA 440ml 6.5%
This IPA is brewed with Norwegian Voss Kveik yeast & hopped with Simcoe, Ekuanot, El Dorado & Comet for a pronounced hit of pithy orange, grapefruit & tropical fruit punch. BB 23/08/2022

Brixton Brewery "Midnight Hour" - Black Lager 330ml, 4.0%
Traditional dark malts provide flavours of coffee and chocolate balanced with a light and crisp body and subtle noble hop character. BB 27/07/2022

Five Points Brewery "Ernest Special Bitter" - Premium Bitter 330ml, 5.1%
This Special Bitter is brewed with Ernest hops from Kent and uses surplus bread that would otherwise go to landfill. BB 29/06/2022

Fyne Ales "New Skies" - New World Pale Ale 440ml, 5.0%
Soft, juicy peach & apricot, with a hint of white grape and sweet melon before a gentle earthy finish. BB 27/09/2022

Guinness - Stout 330ml, 5.0%
A dark black beer with aromas of dark chocolate, green fresh chilli and notes of green coffee beans. This is a balanced Stout, with lots of dark chocolate flavours, ending with a Guinness roast bitterness, and a slight chilli hit. BB 22/03/2022

Harbour Brewery "Back off Warchild" - West Coast IPA 330ml, 5.0%
Citrus and Pine, with robust yet balanced bitterness. BB 31/07/2022

Hepworth Brewery - Classic Old Ale 330ml, 4.8%
Old Ale is a Sussex traditional winter brew, with this special edition brewed with surplus bread. Dark and full of roast malt character, balanced with luscious sweetness and bitterness from the Admiral hops. BB 29/03/2022

Ignition Brewery "Batch Hack" - All-English Amber Ale 330ml, 4.0%
An amber ale made with all-English ingredients, giving a subtle malt flavour, overlaid with an orangey citrus aroma and spicy notes. BB 31/05/2022

Meantime "Tick Tock Bock" - Blonde Doppelbock 440ml, 8.0%
This much-kneaded collaboration Lager uses a proportion of surplus fresh bread instead of virgin barley. Inspired by the original 'liquid bread' beer style we've brewed a Doppelbock Lager with rich, malty and toasty notes - you'll loaf it. BB 30/09/2022

Northern Monk "Northern Mornings" - Breakfast Stout 440ml, 5.8%
Coffee and chocolate aromas and flavours, with notes of toasted bread and maple syrup. BB 28/03/2022

Orbit "WLS062" - English hopped Pale Ale 330ml, 5.9%
Strawberry, green pepper, pineapple and blackcurrant on the nose with a strong bitterness, malty caramel and floral notes and a long dry finish. BB 10/06/2022

Sambrooks "Lamplight" - Baltic Porter 440ml, 6.0%
Smoke, Sweet, Molasses, Coffee
* Due to only a limited number of Lamplight cans, some boxes will instead contain "Powerhouse", a 4.9% Porter with a rich, dark chocolate flavour and an aroma of toasted malt and winter fruits. BB 30/09/2022

Signature Brew "Concrete Jungle" - Toasted Lager 330ml, 4.8%
This mouthwateringly malty beer delivers tasty, toasted hits of wholemeal dough and brioche with a pleasingly bitter finish. BB 30/06/2022

Stroud Brewery "Buen Vivir" - Organic Hefeweizen 440ml, 4.5%
A full-bodied organic wheat beer with notes of banana and clove, brewed with surplus organic sourdough bread from our local B Corp Hobbs House Bakery. ‘Buen Vivir’ is based on the belief that true well-being relies on a harmonious connection between people, their communities and nature’. BB 23/09/2022

Tap Social Movement "In Deep Water" - Red IPA 330ml, 3.6%
This light beer has a citrus and stone fruit aroma, predominantly grapefruit and peach. There's a slight rye spice, caramel and bready flavour with a rounded bitterness and a clean malt finish. BB 31/07/2022

Toast Ale x Cafedirect "For People" - Coffee Porter 440ml, 5.6%
A rich, dark and velvety coffee Porter, with undertones of nuts and full-bodied coffee. Brewed with surplus fresh bread and Fairtrade Brazilian coffee beans from Cafedirect. BB 31/05/2022

Toast Ale x Business Declares, Race to Zero, Zero Hour "For the Planet" - Juicy IPA 440ml, 5.5%
A fruity, juicy, lightly spiced India Pale Ale with a smooth mouthfeel. Brewed with surplus fresh bread, Organic malt and British oats & wheat. Artwork based on (Warming stripes 1850-2020 visualising how the climate has changed for every country across the globe). BB 30/06/2022

Unity Brew "Pudding for the People" - Porter 440ml, 5.2%
Vanilla, Sultanas and Cinnamon. BB 24/06/2022

Utopian Brewery "Tmavé on Toast" - Dark Lager 440ml, 3.9%
A rich bready style full of malt flavours and balanced by a generous addition of British Hops. BB 30/09/2022

Wild Card Brewery "Atlantean Hegemony" - DDH IPA 440ml, 5.2%
Juicy IPA, mashed in with with pale malt and a blend of oats & bread crumbs. Citra added in the whirlpool at the end of boil, then fermented with a specially selected yeast. Dry hopped with Cryo Talus, Cryo El Dorado & Cryo Simcoe. BB 30/09/2022

Windsor & Eton "Good COP" - Hop Leaf Copper Ale 330ml, 5.0%
Bread & biscuit flavours in the body support the unique grassy, leafy aromas of fresh green Progress hops in this shimmering copper ale. The use of hop leaves - usually removed in the hop picking process - add a floral character and prosecco-like tang. BB 01/04/2023

Wold Top Brewery "BARM" - Dry-Hopped Lager 330ml, 4.4%
This dry hopped lager is a finely crafted beer with notes of apricots, honey and spices. It uses mainly British ingredients to give a lager with a full taste and subtle aroma. Barm is the frothy yeast from the top of the ferment which is often added into dough to help with raising. A suitable name for a beer born of bread! BB 30/09/2022

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Thanks also to our friends Cheeky Panda, Divine Chocolate, Emily Snacks, Liberation Nuts, Teapigs and Traidcraft who've also provided treats to complement The Companion Series. All products are suitable for vegans, except Traidcraft biscuits that are suitable for vegetarians.


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